Rare Rose Press

Rare Rose Press covers the following subject areas.

Erotica of all types

Transgender, transsexualism and related subjects.

Rare Rose is interested in both high-quality fiction and non-fiction. 


We are looking for high-quality erotic fiction that challenges the reader. We are not easily shocked. Stories must, above all else, have an intriguing central premise; a clever and involve plot line; and be compellingly written. Page-turners only please. We seek manuscripts in the 70,000 to 80,000 words area for full length novels.

We are also interested in short stories of around 6,000 to 12,000 words. We may consider publishing these as short eBooks or as part of longer compilations. Please feel free to discuss your idea with us using the Contact Form at the bottom of the page.


We are interested in non-fiction in this area too. This falls into two categories:

Personal Narratives

Just as it says, these are personal accounts of your own life. These should be true accounts, not fiction. (First-person fiction goes in fiction.) It is fine to change names and locations to preserve anonymity, but please do not invent the story lines or plot details.

In this area we are particularly interested in the stories of former sex workers; transgender or transsexual life stories; ‘coming out’ and transitioning narratives. It is almost inevitable that some erotic or, at least, sexual content will be contained in such stories but that need not be the major focus. These stories MUST be plausible.

Popular Science

Rare Rose is not an academic publisher but we will consider books that explain human sexuality, gender, transgender, homosexuality, ‘furriness’ and what have you. While not academic, these MUST be grounded in science and proper references and have a bibliography provided. We may also ask you to provide a keyword list so that we can generate an index. We do not seek the rigorous referencing that an academic publisher would, but we — and the readers — have to be able to confirm that you are not just making it up!