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Poaching The River

poaching the river Rod FlemingAuthor: Rod FlemingISBN: 978-0-9554535-0-2Read MorePurchase on Amazon
PlashMill PressIn Print
Poaching the River was Rod Fleming's First published novel and the first book to be published by PlashMill Press. Set in a remote Scottish Village in the late 20th century, it follows the adventures of Big Sye and his sidekick Peem. But poaching the local river of salmon in revenge for a perceived slight is not all that Big Sye has on his mind: it's spring and a man's thoughts turn to romance. A hilarious, laugh-a-minute yarn that you won't be able to put down.

A Boy's Own Offshore Adventure

Author: Brian PageISBN: 978-0-9554535-1-9Read MorePurchase on Amazon
PlashMill PressIn Print
Brian Page's hilarious account of working in the North Sea oilfield as a roughy toughy oilman. An excellent memoir, beautifully written.

The Warm Pink Jelly Express Train

Author: Rod FlemingISBN: 978-0-9572612-3-5Read MoreBuy on Amazon
Rare Rose PressIn Print
Brian Macmaster is a journalist licking the wounds of a divorce in Paris where he hopes to recapture the flame of his writing passion. One night in the bar of the Hotel Pavillon, where he has rented a room on a monthly rate, he meets two women, Anna maria Schiavetti and her friend, Rafaela Evangelista de Vargas. Macmaster is immediately attracted to the newcomer. But there is a problem: she’s transgender.

French Onion Soup!

french onion soup rod FlemingAuthor: Rod FlemingISBN: 978-0-9565007-3-1Read MoreBuy on Amazon
Rod FlemingIn Print
French Onion Soup! tells the story of a mad Scotsman taking his family to live in France. It’s full of hilarious anecdotes as well as lots of useful information that you’ll need if you are planning something similar. Most of all, perhaps, there is lots of humour…because moving to a different country will make you laugh or cry, and laughing is a lot more fun.

Why Men Made God

why men made godAuthors: R A Fleming and K BurkowskiISBN: 978-0-9572612-2-8Read MoreBuy on Amazon
Redefining the SacredIn Print
For tens of thousands of years, we belonged to the land we lived on. Then we decided that the land belonged to us. Why? This book traces our cultural development from hunter-gatherers to semi-nomads, through to the adoption of agriculture and city life. The Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Celts and northern Europeans all had pantheons of gods and goddesses. What changed and led to the idea of just one, all-powerful God? The evolution of human beliefs is a fascinating story!

A Kiss For Christmas

A Kiss for Christmas Rod FlemingAuthor: Rod FlemingISBN: 978-0-9565007-7-9Read MoreBuy on Amazon
PlashMill PressIn Print
Christmas 1981: Europe is in turmoil, the Human League is top of the charts, it’s pissing stair-rods in Paris and Johnny Macfarlane has just got back from Damascus with a load of smuggled blood diamonds he wants rid of fast.

Harry, the most notorious fence in Paris, offers him a special surprise: Hermann Goering’s gold-plated 9mm Luger, along with his Blue Max and a wad of cash. Johnny accepts the deal and goes back to the bar to pay his tab, when he gets another surprise: a round from a suppressed Ruger .22. That’s when his world explodes. Calling on his ex-lover Irene, Johnny goes back to work. The plot line criss-crosses Paris to a spectacular climax.

The Spring Run

the spring run Rod FlemingAuthor: Rod FlemingISBN: 978-0-9572612-5-9Read MoreBuy on Amazon
Rod FlemingIn Print
Spring is coming to the village of Auchpinkie on the east coast of Scotland. With it, women’s minds turn to romance and men’s to something else — poaching. But it turns out these are actually very closely related. A hilarious and charming romantic comedy set in a world full of larger-than life characters.

The Children of Aldebaran

children aldebaran rod flemingAuthor: Rod FlemingISBN: 978-0-9572612-1-1Read MoreBuy on Amazon
Rod FlemingIn Print
Silas Farsight, a young otter who looks forward to a life as a lawyer in the forest village, is horrified one day when his cousin is kidnapped by a gang of ferocious cats. With the help of the badgers, the protectors of the Forest, and his indentured clerk Stoatwise Cuttleworth, he sets off in pursuit of the captors. His cousin, Magda, is being taken to the Dark City, where an evil beast known as the Great Cat has set up and is plotting imperial domination of the Free Animals. Silas and his companions must rescue her. Silas’ adventures lead him to contact the Sea Otters, a wild and mysterious, unpredictable and dangerous group, of who he knows only myth and legend. Yet it is with them that he will find his own true destiny. A fast-paced and exciting fantasy adventure.

Titles currently unavailable

The Tobacconist

the tobacconist jennifer dalmaineAuthor: Jennifer DalmaineISBN: 978-0-9554535-2-6Currently Not Available 
PlashMill Press
A murder mystery set in Aberdeen, Scotland

A Boy's Own Mining Adventure

a boy's own mining adventure brian pageAuthor: Brian PageISBN: 978-0-9554535-3-3Currently Not Available 
PlashMill Press
Before Brian Page went to the oilfield to seek fame and fortune, he tried his hand at being a Mining Engineer. This is what happened

A Boy's Own Oily Adventure

a boys own oily adventure brian pageAuthor: Brian PageISBN: 978-0-9554535-1-9 Currently not available
PlashMill Press
The second of Brian Page's lovable memoirs of life working in the oil industry. In this the hero leaves behind the chill and stormy waters of the North Sea and first goes to freeze his tail off n Kazakhstan, prior to warming it up again in Africa.

It Began With A Letter Liz StrachanISBN: 978-0-9554535-7-1Currently Not Available 

Out of print

Park Street Onwards

park street onwards sid robertsonAuthor: Sid RobertsonISBN:978-0-9554535-4-0Out of Print 

Silver Threads

silver threads tom ralstonAuthor: Tom RalstonISBN: 978-0-9554535-5-7Out of Print 

Casa Esperanza

casa esperanza Angus M FinlayAuthor: Angus M FinlayISBN: 978-0-9554535-6-4Out of Print 


dubs john milneAuthor: John MilneISBN: 978-0-9554535-8-8Out of Print 


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