About PlashMill Press

PlashMill Press was formed in 2006 by Rod Fleming. Over the next five years, it successfully published a range of titles, some of which are already, once again in print.

Unfortunately, personal circumstances of the owners forced PlashMill to close its operations, as far as new titles were concerned, in 2012. While legal and other issues were resolved, the business remained closed.

This was eventually finalised and Rod Fleming again has operational control over PlashMill Press. We have quietly been preparing to re-enter the market for some months now and have relaunched this site and all the services it provides, in September 2017.

PlashMill remains dedicated to Scotland as both a marketplace and a source of writing. We continue to support Scottish writers as well as writing in Scots.  However, we have broadened our sights and seek authors from all over the English-speaking world. Our print books are available from bookstores everywhere in this areas as well as inmost countries in Europe and the Americas. These may be purchased through any retailer, and of course, our  Amazon will supply anywhere in the world.

PlashMill has also expanded into eBook sales and all our print books now appear as eBooks. These are available for direct download for Amazon as Kindle eBooks. Other formats may be available through other retailers, including ourselves, depending on title.

Lessons learned in the past have shown us that print-book distribution is not something that small publishers can  compete economically on and today we rely on our trading partners Lightning Source, Ingram Spark and Amazon.  When a customer orders a print book through a retail source, that order is handled by the local retail and wholesale supply chain as would any other, and does not involve PlashMill Press at all. While we will happily attempt to assist customers with orders, we do not distribute or hold stock of print books ourselves.

All PlashMill titles are today available as eBooks. We have invested considerably in the expertise and technology required to produce bright, readable and attractive eBooks.

Our eBooks are distributed in a number of ways. The principal market is through Amazon’s Kindle distribution service. To find a book using this, either search Amazon using the tile and author, or the ISBN of the print book (Amazon Kindle books do not use ISBNs as Amazon has its own system for these.) The eBook should be highlighted on the same page as the print book. Alternatively, follow the link direct from the book’s page here and this will take you to the relevant Amazon page.

We are appraising methods to sell eBooks for direct download from this site and we will update accordingly. This may apply to all or some of our books; each book’s Page here will contain the relevant details.

If you have queries or wish to submit a manuscript, please use the contact form below: